Support for the Frog Tube Preamplifier DIY PCB is only available on:

Frog Tube Preamp DIY PCB Support on MadbeanPedals Forum

This project has been verified to be working, and I have done my best to provide thorough documentation. I can’t wait for people to light this circuit up, but my availability is very limited. If you post your question on the MadBeanPedals forum link above, I will do my best to chime in.  Just know before purchasing this PCB that there is no implied guarantee of the final product, because the biggest factor is outside my control: you!

Your experience and your attention to detail are the most important ingredients in making sure this works. My role is to provide you the basics so this will become your own creation. There are a lot of excellent, creative, experienced people that will be glad to give you their opinion on issues as well.