Revo Wooden Guitar Straps and Picks

Revo Straps are revolutionizing the guitar strap industry. Everyone has owned or currently owns a leather guitar strap. We go to the ends of the earth to buy custom gear, set up our rigs just the way WE like them, and spends thousands on our equipment….why shouldn’t we have the same devotion to our strap. The number one thing we hear from our clients is, “Man, I get comments EVERY time I drag out my guitar and throw the strap over my shoulder.”  

I am Revo’s first affiliate partner, when you click the button below, you will be taken directly to Revo for your purchase.  The cost of the strap will be the same and it also includes free shipping and a 5 year warranty!

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Exotic wood guitar straps of rosewood, tigerwood, cocobolo, etc. Comfortable, durable, and certainly unique.