Frog Tube Preamp 2.1 Add on Channel PCB for DIY | Alembic F2b Preamp

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Frog Tube Preamp 2.1 – add-on PCB  Designed as an add-on preamp channel to the Frog Tube Preamp 2.0 board, it is a class A vacuum Tube preamp.  People are finding all kinds of uses for this board!  Add directly into your standard Fender or Marshall tube amp!

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Factory Blemished.  Fully functional.  Originally planned to sell for $10.00,  because some components, such as resistors, capacitors and diode labels do not show, I am selling at a reduced price.  Diagram will show component names.  Product documentation will show component names and values.  Refer to Product documentation page for detailed build guide.

Designed as an add-on channel to the Frog Tube Preamp 2.0, and designed without an on-board power supply so it can be used many ways, but is great for adding an additional channel to the Frog Tube Preamp 2.0, because you can use the high voltage off of the Frog Tube Preamp 2.0.   It is based on the Fender Dual Showman preamp section from the late 60’s and inspired by the iconic 1970’s era Alembic F2b preamp based on the same circuit.

Uses:  This can be used in many other situations as long as you have a power supply that generates approximately 180 to 200 volts DC.

  • Add on channel to Frog Tube Preamp 2.0 PCB.  Use high voltage power on 2.0 PCB
  • Add on channel to existing vacuum tube amplifier.
  • Front-end preamp to solid-state amplifier.
  • String multiple preamps together for high gain preamp applications
  • Front-end preamp to tube based output section (I am developing one of these

The Frog, Tube Preamp  is based on the 1st two stages of the Fender Dual Showman, using exactly the same tube preamp circuit like the iconic Alembic F2b Preamp. Its unique because it is pounds lighter and fits in a small pedal enclosure that can snuggle up with your other pedals on your pedal board.