Frog Stompswitch PCB – True Bypass


Frog Stompswitch PCB – True bypass for your guitar pedal projects

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Frog Stompswitch PCB – True Bypass, fits on standard stompswitch and can be used for any guitar pedal stompswitch project.  This includes two bi-color LED connections.  WHY?  Ok,  Here is what I use two connections for.  One I use for a indicator through the top of the guitar pedal enclosure.  The other, I use to point a LED down toward a light-plate to make it glow.  The light-plate goes between the top and bottom pieces of the enclosure and can be found at Small Bear Electronics (  They are a very cool addition.

By the way, you can use single or bi-color LEDS, just use the right contacts.

Documentation will be available soon!