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Frog Fx1 Tube Preamplifier –

Frog Fx1 User Manual 1.1

Frog DIY Tube Preamp 2.0 PCB Documentation



Frog Tube Preamp 2.0 Schematic Link

Frog Tube Preamp 2.0Power Supply Schematic Link

Frog Tube Preamp 2.0 Drill Template PDF

Print the Drill template before you populate the board.
Select full size on printer options. “Portrait” and “Landscape”
style template are both on one page Templates designed for switches
in off-board orientation.  If you want to use the tube heater switch
option, for on-board switch, lay PCB component side down on drill
template and mark through center tube heater switch hole for center
of switch for drill hole. You can also choose to wire heater switch
off-board, just choose best location based on fit in enclosure,
mark and drill.  Also, I recommend an on/off toggle switch for power
separate from foot stomp switch.  Sample drill templates contributed by
Christopher Timko – THANKS!

Frog DIY Tube Preamp 2.1 PCB Add-on channel Documentation



Rollie Hallen provided this “labeled” version of the Frog Tube Preamp 2.1 PCB with
Fender tone stack values.  He is adding this on as a second channel to an existing tube
amplifier. Green is ground, Red is high voltage, numbers indicate tube socket contact number:
Image is clickable!

Frog Tube Preamp 2.1 Add-on with Fender tonestack values
Frog Tube Preamp 2.1 Add-on with Fender tonestack values









Frog Stompswitch PCB 2.0 documentation

Frog Stompswitch PCB Wiring documentation


Frog Bigmouth Output Section and Classic Power Supply with implementation diagram